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High School Programs

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Programs for Students

Randy understands that there are different dynamics for different grade levels. Randy tailors his presentations to his audience, whether they are in 9th grade, 12th grade, or a grade level in between. He can address all grade levels at the same time, but his preference is to speak to individual grades for maximum benefit to the students. All of his programs focus on choices, whether it is a substance abuse presentation or a leadership development program.

Just Say Know

Not all alcohol and other drug (AOD) awareness programs are the same. Randy uses humor and real life experiences to educate students on the dangers of AOD use and abuse. He addresses the dangers of experimentation, peer pressure, gateway drugs and progression. He is a master storyteller and weaves the story in a way that captures the audience. He doesn’t teach students to “just say no.” He teaches them HOW to say no.

Living your Truth

This leadership development program is designed to help students understand themselves better and encourages them to make choices in their lives based on their value system. Randy helps them discover what their key, core values are, and then how to make their decisions from that value system.

Programs for Parents

Randy’s number one requested program for parents is “How to Raise a Drug Free Child.” This presentation can be for the parents of high school, middle school, or lower school students. The objective of this presentation is to give parents the skills they need to empower their children to make better choices and avoid the pitfalls of substance use and abuse. He discusses how to talk to a child about alcohol or other drugs as well as current trends in our society, and how to talk to your child if you suspect alcohol or other drug use.

How To Raise A Drug Free Child

Is there a way to guarantee that your child will not become addicted to alcohol or other drugs? Of course not. Just like we can’t prevent someone from getting cancer. But there are preventative measures you can take and that’s what this program is all about. Learn from an expert on addiction how to talk to your kids and how to identify if a problem might be budding.

Programs for Faculty & Staff

Randy is an expert at training and consulting with school faculty and staff. His programs are straightforward, packed with current and practical information, and are based on his personal and professional experiences. His topics include issues related to alcohol and other drugs, but he can also facilitate team building workshops at the beginning of the school year or for staff retreats.

What you Need to Know

Knowing how and when to talk to a student about a potential alcohol or other drug problem is difficult. Randy gives teachers and staff the tools they need to recognize and confront a potential problem in a safe and supportive way. Randy also discusses current trends in the alcohol and other drug use and abuse and can give your staff information they need to be up to date with the current research and trends in society.