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Business Programs

RISE Publishing

Addressing Alcohol And Other Drug Issues In The Workplace

This is the elephant in the board room. According to a CDC report, American businesses lose over $134 billion per year because of lost productivity due to alcohol and other drugs. Over 15% of American workers say that they were impaired in their work because of alcohol at least once in the past year.

Knowing how and when to say something is difficult. This training is meant to address that issue. We will discuss what it means to have an alcohol problem. We will define “social drinking” and show how this phrase is abused. Tips and skills for talking to someone with a potential problem will be addressed. Managers and fellow employees will have the tools they need to deal with this devastating social problem.

Low Risk Guidelines For Successful Drinking Decisions

What exactly is “responsible drinking?” If you ask 5 people to define this term, you get five different answers. Randy’s “Know the Code” formula was created to teach people what responsible or low risk drinking really is. His guidelines are easy to follow and understand, and will help you see how to avoid getting in trouble with alcohol.

Randy Haveson

Leadership / Personal Development

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

This is a recipe for success. Following these guidelines, you will achieve healthier relationships, less stress, more productivity, less self-criticism, and an overall happier life. Randy understands that 90% of the obstacles we have in our lives come from within. In his years as a therapist, he discovered a method of teaching people how to overcome the barriers that get in the way of success. This program outlines a practical method to discard self-criticism and begin to accomplish your goals in an easier and more confident manner.

Team Building

If We’re All Quarterbacks: Who’s Going To Catch The Ball?

Look at the members of your “team.” Everyone has strengths that are of value to the entire team, but those strengths come in different forms. This program explores the elements of working together as a team and how to optimize each member’s ability effectively.