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KNOW THE CODE 0-1-2-3®


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to drink and not have to worry about DUI’s, fights with friends, missed opportunities because of alcohol, or putting your health at risk? Well, finally it’s here. By following the guidelines set with the Party with a Plan program, your risk factors will be dramatically decreased.

Just like driving a car, following the speed limit lowers your risk of trouble on the road, for you and those around you. But the more you go over the limit and the more often you go over the limit, the more you put yourself and others at risk. The intention of the Know the Code guidelines is to provide clear and easy to follow directions on how to drink and lower the risk of problems.

Alcohol education has been replaying the same message for the past 40 years. The two main messages are “Just say no” or “Be Responsible.” But what does that mean? How do you know what responsible is? It’s too subjective. Responsible for one person is not responsible for another. Throughout history, society has been saying that “moderate” alcohol use is ok, but overuse is not ok. But what is overuse? How do you determine if you’re a “moderate” drinker or not?

There aren’t many people who carry around a breathalyzer with them to measure their BAC throughout the night. And even if they did, BAC changes over time so it’s not always accurate. It’s time we had a new message, a real message. One that not only makes sense, but works! Finally that message is here. “Party with a Plan” using the “Know the Code 0-1-2-3” guideline gives people who choose to drink the tools they need to use alcohol in a safe and low risk manner.

“Party with a Plan” alcohol education risk reduction program using the Know the Code 0-1-2-3® guideline will revolutionize the way people look at the consumption of alcohol. Those who choose to drink will have guidelines that are simple to follow. They will know if they are low risk or high risk with their drinking choices or not. This program draws a clear line in the sand that shows if a person is low risk or high risk. This method is non-threatening, sensible, honest, and logical. Even non-drinkers appreciate the message!”


Party With A Plan

Party With A Plan®

Original Edition

Party With A Plan - College Edition

Party With A Plan®

College Edition

Party With A Plan - Women's Edition

Party With A Plan®

Women’s Edition

Party With A Plan - Holiday Edition

Party With A Plan®

Holiday Edition