Randy Haveson, M.A.


Author, Speaker, Behavioral Strategist

Randy Haveson is a 30 year veteran in the field of addiction with extensive experience as a treatment center counselor and Director of Health & Alcohol Education at highly accredited universities. Hitting the stage internationally, Randy is a welcomed speaker who exudes raw energy fueled with magnetic charisma and the relatability of a best friend. As an award-winning Addiction/Recovery Expert & Behavioral Strategist Randy offers three advantages over the competition:
  • Program/workshop personalization
  • On-going consultations and support
  • Surviving the courageous journey of being an addict in long term recovery

Who Does Randy Help?

As a speaker who works with high schools, colleges, and businesses internationally, Randy’s most requested program is on harm reduction from the use of alcohol and other drugs. By educating students and employees on how to avoid the Path to Addiction, his goal is to help people identify when someone they know or love has a potential addiction problem. By offering proven techniques, they can effectively support that person to get the help they need.

With Randy On Your Team, Learn How To:

  • Successfully reduce DUI’s, Expulsions Ratios, and Alcohol-related issues
  • Offer Treatment Solutions & Increase Academic Performance/Community Involvement
  • Apply Proven Intervention Techniques & Stop the Path to Addiction

Randy’s Programs: