Jessica Yaffa


Author, Speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate

Jessica Yaffa is a domestic violence advocate and motivational speaker who has used her story as a beacon of hope and light in assisting both men and women to move through issues of shame, guilt, and hopelessness as a result of relationship violence. Ms. Yaffa is one of the country’s leading female motivational speakers for large organizations, non- profit service providers, schools, military bases, treatment centers, and at community forums. She uses multiple platforms to share her testimony of triumph, resiliency, and restoration as a means of eliminating stigma, providing education, and changing the way we address issues surrounding intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

“If you would have told me several years ago that I would experience daily gratitude for all I endured, and actually rejoice in my testimony, I would have called you crazy. As a teenage girl, turned young wife/young mother, and survivor of abuse, it was all I could do to wake up and face each day without giving up. To now have the opportunity to reach thousands of young men and women by sharing my lessons, creating safe spaces for tough conversations, affirming the value and worth we each have, and ultimately changing the way we show-up in relationships is nothing short of a miracle.

It is my life’s purpose to support those who are struggling, while eliminating stigma, shining a light on how to move out of trauma and into freedom, and changing the way our communities respond to the epidemic of domestic violence and relationship abuse. I applaud each of you for your willingness to explore this tough issue and encourage you to stand with us as we walk this movement forward…one survivor at a time.” – Jessica Yaffa; CEO, Jessica Yaffa, LLC & President, NoSilence NoViolence, Inc. For more information, visit her site at

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