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About RISE

RISE Publishing

What Is RISE? 

RISE is a full service speaking & consulting firm that helps businesses, schools and individuals address topics such as: self-esteem, alcohol & other drugs, leadership development, and more.

Recovery: The process of receiving treatment or alleviation from addiction, a negative event, or a trauma. As human beings, we are all in recovery from something.

Intervention: A drastic move to make changes in our lives or in the lives of loved ones or colleagues. An intervention sets you on a new, more empowered path.

Support: The act of lifting others and helping them through difficult chapters in their lives so they can move to a place of peace.

Education: Providing information and resources to those who need additional guidance, whether it’s on growing self-esteem, leadership capabilities, or addiction recovery.

Learn How To:

    Cultivate habits to maximize true worth and nourish the four parts of self
    Implement advanced techniques to eliminate limiting beliefs and mental walls
    Avoid the path to addiction and discover why it is easier than you think
    Instantly apply effective solutions to honor personal integrity and avoid the pitfalls of substance abuse
    Eliminate male violence, dismantle antiquated male roles, and crush ego-driven motives
    Clear away internal debris and build true self-esteem on an unshakable foundation
    Help others reach their potential and thrive in a healthy community

What Makes RISE Different?

Our cutting-edge programs offer a defined set of tools to effectively confront two of the most challenging problems of our time: addiction and mental health issues. Our interactive programs educate high school and university students, administrators, and businesses on self-esteem, AOD use and misuse, leadership development, and men’s issues.

The core focus is to prevent and treat addiction, violence, sexual assault, and other forms of suffering by successfully eliminate self-destructive behaviors. RISE programs provide the innovative tools and personal connections necessary to heal society, one individual at a time.

RISE leaders and speakers understand there is no gimmick or shortcut to creating lasting positive change on a campus or in a business. Thriving organizations and communities are built by people willing to do the work of building true self-esteem and helping others do the same. This is done by creating deeper relationships between individuals, acknowledging our truest, often-buried emotions, and nourishing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves with the help of experienced, empathetic guides.