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About Randy Haveson

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Randy Haveson

An empathic warrior who has overcome many obstacles, Randy isn’t afraid to get in the trenches with audiences. He helps program participants identify—and dig themselves out from—the addictions and mindsets keeping them buried and struggling. Randy’s years as a therapist, university administrator, and health promotion expert are grounded in his own journey of personal growth. Randy is a survivor—a survivor of addiction, of self-hatred, and of our often toxic, ego-soaked culture. He helps audiences around the country and the world find their paths in life and learn the self-esteem building skills necessary to be positive, productive, and fulfilled members of society.

A 30-year veteran in the substance abuse field with extensive experience as a treatment center counselor and Director of Health & Alcohol Education at highly accredited universities, Randy’s programs have received national recognition for their innovation and effectiveness in reaching college students.

In 1999, Randy became a full-time keynote speaker and consultant on campuses, at conventions, and in business settings around North America. He has been featured on CNN Headline News, Fox News Network, The Ricki Lake Show, and on numerous radio stations across the country.

Randy has a reputation for his raw energy, magnetic charisma and relatable style. Audiences and workshop attendees quickly learn Randy is a person they can both trust and open up to. It’s this quality—Randy’s ability to connect with his listeners in a deep and personal way—that opens doors to breakthroughs and meaningful change at a group level.

In 2005, Randy took a break from speaking to open a recovery residence for college students. He sold the business in 2014 and is now dedicating his life to his true passion, helping people find their path in life and learn the skills necessary to be positive, productive, and fulfilled members of society.


“Hitting the stage internationally, Randy is a welcomed speaker that exudes raw energy fueled magnetic charisma and the relatability of a best friend.”


Career Highlights & Awards

  • BA in Psychology & MA in Counseling
  • Director of Health Education: Valdosta State University
  • Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Education: James Madison University, University of the Pacific,
    University of California – Irvine
  • “Best of the Best” Speaker Award: BACCHUS Network
  • Showcase Speaker of the Year Award: GA Chapter of NSA